Other ways to Support local children and youth!


The Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington works to build a community where every child and youth has the opportunity to participate, learn, and grow to reach their full potential. With your donation today, you are investing in the children and youth in our community to build a brighter future for them.


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Adopt-A-Family Gift Giving

Donors are matched with a family and asked to provide tangible wish items and a gift card for a holiday meal.



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Adopt-A-Family Cash Donation

Your donation will be used to purchase gift cards in bulk along with other gift items! By buying gift cards in bulk, we receive a charitable donation that can be used to support even more families!

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Become a Monthly Donor

By committing to donate each month, your support helps us to build sustainable revenue streams to reach even more children in our community through our programs.

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Make a Tribute Gift

Honour the memory of a special person in your life by making a donation in their honour or to recognize a special occasion or event!


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Gift of Securities

Better the lives of children and youth with the gift of securities, and receive a tax receipt. Your donation is exempt from the capital gains tax that typically applies to the sale of a security.



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Planned Legacy Giving

Leave a legacy gift to change the lives of children far into the future. To learn more about planned legacy giving, please click below.




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Events & Campaigns

At the Children's Foundation, Events & Campaigns are a very large part of our fundraising. We host events within the community such as our Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament, Trees for Tots and more. There is always something you can be a part of!

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Host a Community Fundraiser

Planning a Community Fundraiser is a great way to host a fun community or business-growing event that supports a great cause and gives back to the community. Whether it's a golf tournament, a group garage sale, a dinner party... The options are endless!

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